About us

Introducing The World's First Smell Proof Hybrid Pipe/Pre Roll Tube.

It’s time to show off your brand in the most new, innovative, eco-friendly and exciting way ever to reach our marketplace. One that fully supports a “Zero Waste” global packaging initiative. Made from medical grade borosilicate glass and topped with child resistant, smell resistant, super tight caps, your flower will always stay fresh in this new and innovative packaging that doubles as your favorite smell proof and discreet pipe. The all new HooHNu™ chillum was not just made to save our environment, it was made to solve many common problems us smokers face. Your package is your pipe.

Food grade borosilicate glass pipes / Packaging

Created to eliminate waste and provide the most optimal way to experience your Cannabis or Hemp Varieties.

Custom logo, label and printing options available.

Showcase your brand in the most new, innovative and exciting way ever to hit the market place supporting a global zero waste initiative.

Medical grade, Child resistant, certified caps.

Keep the freshness in, while helping to prevent nearly 100% of the odor associated with smoking.  Before or after.  They are also designed to protect the glass ensuring everything stays intact from transport to consumption.