noun  |  /hōō nōō/

the original smell-proof chillum & pre-roll holder – who knew?

About HooHNu

HooHNu makes it easy to transport flower or pre-rolls with our original, smell-proof chillum design. Who Knew?

Why Choose HooHNu?

What sets HooHNu apart from the competition? Besides being the world’s first smell-proof pre-roll tube and chillum, here are some of HooHNu’s top features:

  • Airtight & Smell-Proof
  • Fully Portable & Discrete
  • Multi-Purpose & Reusable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Certified Childproof Caps
  • Deep Bowl
  • Easy To Clean
  • Patent Pending

Who We Are

HooHNu was formed to tackle a number of issues smokers and the industry face daily. Here are some of the core values and features that sets HooHNu apart.

Quality Guaranteed
Personalized Service
Innovative Thinking



verb  |  /rē yüz/

to use again – such as reusing your HooHNu for multiple sessions


adj  |  /səˈstānəb(ə)l/

to maintain a natural balance by not depleting natural resources – such as HooHNu’s products being made from recycled and recyclable, materials


verb  |  /rēˈsīk(ə)l/

convert waste into reusable material


adj  |  /ē kōhˈfren(d) lē/

not harmful to the environment

What do our customers think?

Don’t take our word for it! Averaging 4.9 stars on Etsy, check out why our customers prefer HooHNu.

Dude, I will forever ONLY buy from my brother here. Even all my boys will only buy from this vendor bc it’s just perfect in every way. My fav are the caps that hide the smell. And he’s helped me out a lot with things that he didn’t have to. He has a good heart.


This seller is awesome! He/she truly considers their customers requests over everything else and also is quick to communicate if needed. Not to mention these things are friggin puuuuurfect for whatever it is u smoke….well i guess not everything but just buy it anyways so you can put it on the shelf or something.


Great quality. The brush, extra screens and the silicone caps are well thought out and useful features. The design is as pictured. Aside from that, the seller was beyond gracious in correcting a mixup with my order. Overall I had a great experience purchasing from this shop and highly recommend