HooHNu 1 Gram King Size


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The ORIGINAL smell-proof pre-roll tube that doubles as a pipe. Your package is your pipe with HooHNu™.

The HooHNu™ “Chillumist” chillum is the world’s first chillum with caps on both ends. The smoking device was designed not only to be environmentally friendly but made to solve many common problems us smokers face.

Made from medical grade borosilicate glass and topped with CFR 1700/2 certified child-resistant, smell-resistant, super tight caps, your flower will always stay fresh in this new and innovative packaging that doubles as your favorite smell-proof and discreet pipe.

Tube storage space 4 inches. Holds up to 110mm pre-roll.

– Airtight
– Smell proof
– Water resistant
– Child resistant
– Discreet
– Chillum holds up to one gram
– Take multiple hits
– Fully portable with no stink
– A superb joint tube
-“The perfect day pipe”
– Who knew?

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