The Importance Of Cleaning Your Glass Pipes

Cleaning a glass piece over the sink

You know when your smoking accessories have been heavily used and well-traveled. What was once a clean and pristine glass piece now resonated with charred flower ash and memories. If the taste of your high cannabis seems off, it is probably time for a deep cleaning of your glass bowls especially if you’re tasting resin more than you can taste your high-quality cannabis flower.

Don’t let dirty glass bongs or weed bowls prevent you from enjoying your high-quality flower. Here are some easy solutions for when it’s time to clean your unique glass pipes.

The Health Benefits of Keeping Your Glass Clean

A dirty glass pipe can not only heavily change the flavor of your flower but also affect your health. In some severe cases, it can even affect your ability to breathe. It doesn’t take long for a dirty pipe to start growing harmful bacteria. If you fail to keep your bong clean, it starts breeding bacteria if you don’t clean them regularly.

Did you know it only takes as little as 24 hours for your pipe to develop a slimy Biofilm? That Biofilm is not just resin, and it is made up of living bacteria, microorganisms, and mold. Definitely, something that can lead to lung infections and respiratory problems.

420 Friendly Glass Cleaners

Your local glass shop or online headshop would be great places to find a cannabis-specific glass cleaner for your pipes. These 420-friendly solutions mix coarse crystals to help remove even the stickiest gunk and resin from your glass pieces and wax rigs. Glass cleaning brands like Formula 420, Orange Chronic, and Reslöution are some of the more trusted choices.

Isopropanol Alcohol and Salt

Picking up some isopropanol alcohol and a coarse salt from your local grocery store or pharmacy is a simple solution. It is important to pour salt into the piece before filling or submerging it in alcohol. Using at least a 91% strength isopropanol alcohol will help make your cleaning a lot more effective.

Getting the right size container to soak your piece is important, and it is important to find the correct container to use to soak your piece in. A sealable plastic bag or container should be used to soak your piece for at least fifteen to twenty minutes.

For severely dirty pieces, you can always soak longer. As a good rule of thumb, never let your piece soak for more than twelve hours.

Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets

An extremely effective and unconventional way baristas have cleaned their glass pieces is through espresso machine cleaning tablets. Cleaning tablets like the Urnex Calfiza makes are a highly effective way to remove grime from the coffee shop. They are a miracle option for resin and microbial organisms on your glass pieces without alcohol or chemicals.

Be Careful When Rinsing Your Glass Piece

Rinse and repeat the steps above if necessary. When rinsing off residual cleaning solutions from your glass piece, it is essential to use warm water. It is also imperative not to fluctuate between hot and cold water and avoid boiling water. Any imperfections in the glass with fluctuating extreme temperatures could potentially damage or even crack your glass.

Scrub Away Any Residual Dirt or Resin

If there is any residue still on your weed pipes after soaking them, the last step should involve some elbow grease. Using cotton swabs, pipe cleaners, and toothbrushes may be needed to scrub away any residual resin and grime after rinsing.

Pipe cleaners after work miracles in intricate pieces like chillum glass blunts and water pipes. Only soaking your glass pipe doesn’t always clean out the heady glass pieces. Hand-blown recycler dab rigs, percolator bongs, or sherlock holmes pipes may take a few soaks and scrubs to thoroughly clean.